30 years of hiring success for the Manufacturing Industry

For over 30 years we have seen Mexico’s manufacturing evolve. From startups to acquisitions and restructuring, we have become allies to our clients, supporting their talent acquisition in every step of the process until the hiring of the ideal team. As a Manufacturing talent source, we have supported global brands in Mexico with quality certifications such as: FDA, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 26000 for sustainability, as well as Shingo Prize winners.

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Since 1985 has supported major manufacturing corporations to start up operations in Mexico, being a key ally in their evolution from manufacturing to R&D and shared services centers. Founder and president of a linkage program between manufacturing operations and educational institutions. Trustee of CETYS, speaker and writer of white papers related with manufacturing and talent trends and the competences required to become successful in this industry. Has a degree in Industrial Psychology by CETYS and speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Contact: MX +52 (664) 615 6821
US +1 (858) 869 1626

Team_Manufacturing Executive Talent_Corporate Recruiters Mexico-02JOEL MARTÍNEZ, MANUFACTURING DIRECTOR

President of Baja APICS Chapter and member of Subject Matter Experts of APICS. Has over 20 years experience in the manufacturing industry. He has supported major corporations in Mexico, USA and Canada, including contract manufacturers. Joel has a BA in Business Administration and post degree in Industrial Engineering, and a certification in Lean Manufacturing by San Diego State University at California, Operations Leadership Program from Michigan State. Fully Bilingual English and Spanish.

Contact: (686) 136 8009
US +1 (657) 549 3022 EXT. 105

Top Manufacturing Talent Acquisition

Different from other executive search firms, our extensive recruiting solutions cover the Medical Devices, Aerospace, Automotive and Electronics industries across the product life-cycle: from R&D to Customer Service. If you are looking to make a hiring or you require a second opinion, our search consultants will be happy to asses your project or validate your description to design a competitive compensation package.

The most important function of a startup leader it is to integrate its executive team. Since this task is not the most simple to accomplish we strongly recommend our consultative focus to this special recruitment process. From the different startup types to validating the talent market, starting operations in a foreign country is no easy task.

At today’s dynamic industry, not all plants are in the same stage of development, therefore the executive talent required to succeed is different. It is important for operations and recruiting agencies to have a full industry understanding to identify the particular roles, goals and competencies needed to hire in your personnel.

Either originated by an acquisition, growth or any other strategic decision. At Corporate Recruiters we do not take this lightly and guarantee the confidentiality of all processes. We have been key consultants in the organizational chart of international manufacturing operations

In order to guarantee successful hirings, we not only tailor our services per industry but per manufacturing area as well; such as management, supply chain and quality assurance. Here are some of the clients we have assisted.

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Electronics Clients Manufacturing_Corporate Recruiters-01

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More info send us an email to info@global-recruiters.com or download our factsheet.
Direct lines: US +1 (858) 869 1626  / MX +52 (664) 375 2581

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