Bajio's Manufacturing Overview

The Mexican Bajio is an industrial, geographical, historical, economic and cultural region in north central-western Mexico that has become the new manufacturing center in the country.

It’s an important industrial corridor which now houses national headquarters, powerful multinational companies and its auxiliary industries.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the development that has seen the Bajio can be classified as an industrial area of the country, and Latin America, with the fastest growth.

Economic growth in the region is compared to that of the Asian powers.

It has a strategic geographical location right in the center of the country (within the industrial triangle of the three largest cities in Mexico: Mexico City , Monterrey and Guadalajara). Within a radius of 400 km is 80% of the Mexican market , 70% of the industrial establishment , 70% of international trade , 70% of exports , and 60% of the total population.

Key Industries in Bajio



Metal mechanic

Prime manufacturing talent in Bajio

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