Best Practices to Hire the Ideal Manufacturing Candidate

Best Practices to Hire the Ideal Manufacturing Candidate

It is hard to get to know the perfect person to fulfill any position, although several examinations are applied, most of them show a small part of an individual’s potential. Moreover, most of the employee’s ability to excel in any job can hardly be graded through the selection process, and it is most probably that if a person doesn’t succeed in your company, can be a valuable employee in another one.

So, which are the best practices to show and recognize a great candidate for your company? Some HR Directors will tell you that it is all about the culture fit, but this strategy can be counterproductive and encourage a lack of diversity within the company.

Be careful with “fresh profiles”
It all depends on finding the proper match between the individual, the position and the company. Any headhunter or recruiter should see beyond the curriculum and understand the needs of the client/company. For the most part, previous position experience could mean very little when it comes to new profiles that where recently created because of operational demand, as there’s no previous information about the needs of the vacant. In this case a face to face interview will show the abilities, personality and knowledge of the candidate.

Pay attention to indirect background and interests
Once you start putting together a dream team, analyze what are their common interests and abilities, some hobbies can be translated into the position in order to excel in your company’s needs. Let’s say you need a Data-Science Analyst, and you know that the duties require a developed use of both sides of the brain; this ability can be seen in people who play the piano, so next time you talk to a candidate identify the capacities he or she have through knowing more about the things the candidates enjoy during their spare time.

Involve the direct leaders
Another important point to take into consideration is the manager’s opinion. At the end of the day, the manager is looking to create the perfect team that could excel at the department’s goals and duties. They know, more than anyone, the profile of the perfect candidate; ask the manager to get involved in the selection process and to be present during the interview so they can ask any specific aspect he/she is looking for in the candidate.

Using recruiting firms
Always treat your recruiters like businessmen, they need to have a vast understanding of the company and the different needs it encounters. Also, they need to work closely with the hiring manager, who needs to learn that they are an important asset for the department; if, for some reason, the recruiter does not understand the activities and the client, they must be forced to know the details of the client: from strategy to how they earn the revenue.

At Corporate Recruiters, we pay close attention to the client’s needs in order to fulfill the position in the best way possible so the candidate and the company can feel satisfied with each other. For more information, send us an email.

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