Cali-Baja's Manufacturing Overview

Located northwest of Mexico, Baja California has a strong vocation oriented towards the development of industrial activities. The state’s economy is bolstered by agriculture, mining tourism and of course, maquiladoras (manufacturing assembly plants).

It is the first state in the country in export manufacturing industry thanks to the number of companies and the number of workers employed in industrial activity.

Given the geographical characteristics, (border with United States and being the Mexican State closest to Asia) a business atmosphere has been generated that contributes to investment, establishing the binational Mega-Region known as Cali-Baja (San Diego and Imperial in California, United States of America/Baja California, in Mexico), which offers immediate access to North American markets as well as to global markets at the pacific coast (acting as a catalyst to emerging markets of Latin America), combining individual skills, industrial competitiveness, access to the markets, research and development and the quality of life that this region offers, resulting in unique opportunities that add value to the investors’ projects.

Key Industries in Cali-Baja


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Metal mechanic

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Prime manufacturing talent in Cali-Baja

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