The Medical devices annual production will reach a value of 19 M towards 2020, according to ProMéxico

Mexico is home of some of the biggest names in the industry, from world renowned manufacturers to EMS service providers and contract manufacturers of medical devices. Employing a new generation of Mexican engineers and skilled technicians to make orthopedic devices, surgical equipment and catheters.


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Medical Devices Talent: Mexico's Prime Source

Our experience covers the broad manufacturing industry, focusing on directive, managerial and executive positions, with an acquired taste for challenging engineering roles. Through our consultative approach to recruiting and our cloud technology, we are supporters of the medical industry growth while being providers of top executive talent in strategic regions.

30 Years of Hiring Success

For over 30 years we’ve seen Mexico’s manufacturing evolve. From startups to acquisitions and restructuring, we’ve become part of our clients key stages within their growth curve. The list can go on and on, but the following are some of the medical devices’ operations we’ve helped.

Operations Manager: Hired
ICU Medical Ensenada Plant
Jose Alfredo Reyes

VP Mexico Operations: Hired
DJ Ortho Tijuana Plant
Hector Marquez

Sr. Director Americas: Hired
Teleflex Incorporated
Roberto Grateron

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More info:
US +1 (858) 869 1626  / MX +52 (664) 375 2581

Our participation in Baja's MedSummit 2017

On October 4th 0f 2017 Corporate Recruiters participated in this year’s edition of Baja’s MedSummit. This annual event is hosted by the Medical Device Cluster of Baja California, with more than 70 international companies of the sector.

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