How to succeed starting operations in Mexico?

The most important function of a startup leader it is to integrate its executive team. Since this task is not the most simple to accomplish we strongly recommend our consultative focus to this special recruitment process. From the different startup types to validating the talent market with your site location, starting operations in a foreign country is no easy task.

The Guide to Mexico’s Manufacturing Startups is the ideal tool for Directives and HR professionals of Assembly Plants, Tier 1 and Tier2 companies or any professional involved in the hiring process, from Engineering to Supply chain.

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1. Operations type analysis

Icon Manuf Startups_Carousel Facebook Ads_CR-072. Plant’s target location

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3. Internal area goals

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4. Competencies mapping

Icon Manuf Startups_Carousel Facebook Ads_CR-105. Talent market validation

30 years hiring success for Mexico's manufacturing

Our experience covers the broad manufacturing industry, focusing on directive, managerial and executive positions, with an acquired taste for challenging engineering roles. Through our consultative approach to recruiting and our cloud technology, we deliver the best executive talent for Mexico’s top manufacturing industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Plastics and Metal mechanic.

We know that no operation or position is the same, because of this, Corporate Recruiters’ process goes beyond the standard submission of resumes. Becoming allies to our clients, we support them through every step of the process until the hiring of the ideal team. Each candidate is evaluated through the industry requirements, competencies, references and psychometric standards previously approved by the hiring manager.

For over 30 years we’ve seen Mexico’s manufacturing evolve. From startups to acquisitions and restructuring, we’ve become part of our clients key stages within their growth curve. The list can go on and on, but the following are some of the operations we’ve helped with their startup process.

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