2018: The Pivotal Year for Industry 4.0 in Mexico

Mexico faces the opportunity to escalate its position as the 8th country in terms of manufacturing industry, this if it really jumps into the Industry 4.0 trend. Manufacturing represents nearly the 20% of the country’s GDP, from sectors such as the automotive, aerospace, electronics, energy, food and beverages.

It is foreseeable that Mexico closed 2017 with $380,000 million USD of manufactured goods, representing a 5% of growth from 2016. Also, the forecast for this year’s production growth is of 4% with also an investment of more than $2,000 million USD in technology.

Icons Trends 2018_Manufacturing_CR-01
1. Mexico’s Emerging Industries

Icons Trends 2018_Manufacturing_CR-02
2. Industry Growth per State

Icons Trends 2018_Manufacturing_CR-03
3. Talent Market

Icons Trends 2018_Manufacturing_CR-04
4. Hard Skills

Icons Trends 2018_Manufacturing_CR-05
5.Top Paid Areas

This material was made with today’s manufacturer in mind. Whether you are in HR, Operations or Top Management, this quick overview into Mexico’s manufacturing will help you stay current with the challenges that 2018 will bring.

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